How to set Parental Control on your Android Tablets and Smartphones.

Apply Parental Controls on your Android Tablet and Smartphones in 5 simple steps:

1. Download Kids Place – Parental Control app from one of the following places fromĀ Google Play or Amazon App Store.

2. Start Kids Place and set up a PIN. Optionally you can provide your email address for PIN recovery.

3. Select the app that you want your kids to use

4. Go to Kids Place settings and choose the following options to set up parental control options per your need:

  • Lock Home Button
  • Disable all wireless connection
  • Block phone calls and texts
  • Block access to app store

5. Just start Kids Place app before you hand over your device to kids and Kids Place app will make sure your device and kids will be secured. Kids will only be able to access apps that you have selected and will not be able to access anything else on your device.